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BF Scalper Expert: a great scalper is a secure scalper

April 28, 2020

Invite to the web pages of our blog site! Today I will certainly show to you my evaluation, evaluation as well as examinations of an instead fascinating scalper ead back BF Scalper

The name itself currently states that its major trading feature is scalping. Heading or scalping is a design of trading that has a high regularity of professions, a brief time of holding a setting, a fairly tiny setting as well as the dimension of the Take Earnings.

Just how it functions

The vital issue of scalping can be called the trouble in dividing incorrect signals from providing the possibility to gain. Surprisingly, for filtering system, several consider making use of several elaborate as well as entirely unneeded formulas that just result in the intricacy of the system. As a matter of fact, the response rests on the surface area as well as is to look as well as locate only rate impulses, as well as disregard the vacant motions of the marketplace.

BF Scalper applies a scalping technique based upon a number of technological indications. In the main stage, the robotic recognizes an international or leading pattern based upon the evaluation of relocating standards. After that there is the minute when the rate mosts likely to an established variety of factors over one’s head of the limits of the Bollinger Bands indication. As an outcome of all these activities, the gotten signal is evaluated by the indication gauging the pressure of the pulse, as well as just afterwards the deal opens up.

The reasoning of the leave is likewise based upon Bollinger Bands. The setting shuts when the rate is beside the contrary Bollinger Band or appear it, also if it will certainly bring a loss.

Attributes of the BF Scalper robotic

The programmer explained that the trading robotic can operate flawlessly usually on any type of duration, however at the very same time advised the M15 duration as one of the most reliable.

When it concerns money sets, the robotic appropriates for GBP/USD, EUR/USD, EUR/CHF, EUR/AUD, GBP/CAD, USD/CAD, USD/CHF as well as USD/JPY. Yet the initial setups are for GBP/USD.

EA choices as well as setups

  • MaxSpread – the greatest feasible spread degree.
  • Slippage The optimum permitted slippage degree.
  • TicksTrade – the criteria of the formula beginning design. When incorrect reasoning is caused at the start of the M1 candle light, with real – on a brand-new tick.
  • S tealthMode true/false – On/off digital degrees Quit Loss as well as Take Earnings.
  • EmergencyStopDist – the 2nd degree of defense when making use of StealthMode. At over absolutely no, the 2nd degree of the “emergency situation” Quit Loss is switched on at a higher range than the digital surprise Quit Loss. The worth of The Emergency situation Quit Loss is the amount of EmergencyStopDist as well as Hidden Quit Loss.
  • MinEquity Minimum equity to trade.
  • StopLoss – degree for Quit Loss
  • TakeProfit – degree for Take Earnings
  • MarketExitProfit Departure on the marketplace.
  • BandPeriod – duration for computing the Bollinger Bands indication.
  • BandBreakEntry – Bollinger Band outbreak array to open up the contrary profession (the worth might be adverse).
  • BandBreakExit – the outbreak variety of the contrary Bollinger Band to shut the profession (the worth might be adverse).
  • UseTrendFilter – with real, the EA trades just towards a fad specified by 2 relocating standards.
  • MA_Fast_Period – a duration of quick relocating standard.
  • MA_Slow_Period – a duration of slow-moving relocating standard.
  • MA_Trend_TF – duration of both relocating standards.
  • TimeRestriction – with real EA professions just in the complying with hrs. incorrect – detached.
  • CTHour1 6 feasible trading hrs. Worths: 0-23. Go into a big number, such as 55, to disable a worth. The most effective outcomes were accomplished at 21 as well as 22 hrs (GMT). Time requires to be adjusted. The defaults are adjusted for GMT 2 (winter season time).
  • WednesdaySwapFilter true/false – The swap filter on Wednesdays terminates all professions on Wednesday evening towards an unfavorable swap if the swap is even worse than the worth of MaxNegSwapPips.
  • MaxNegSwapPips – optimal adverse swap in pips, one of the most affordable worth – minus 0.5.
  • RolloverTimeFilter true/false – transform on/disable the moment filter of the rollover.
  • MinutesBefore – minute indrovation up until twelve o’clock at night, throughout which all professions are terminated.
  • MinutesAfter – minute inthwerking after twelve o’clock at night, throughout which all professions are terminated.
  • x_MaxSpreadFilter – transform on/disable an extra rollover spread filter.
  • x_MaxSpread – Increase the first MaxSpread, permitted prior to all professions are terminated. For instance, if MaxSpread is 6 as well as x_MaxSpread is 2, all professions are terminated if the spread goes beyond 6×2/12 pips.
  • RecoveryMode This choice triggers the healing of the drawdown. Functions when AutoMM > 0.
  • FixedLots – Taken care of trading great deals when AutoMM is 0.
  • AutoMM – A worth more than absolutely no triggers symmetrical resources monitoring, for instance, AutoMM 5 implies 0.05 great deals on a 1000 account.
  • AutoMM_Max The optimum permitted worth of symmetrical resources monitoring when making use of RecoveryMode.
  • MMTrades – the variety of purchases on the basis of which recoveryMode drawdown is determined
  • RecoveryFactor – favorable drawdown payment as a percent of drawdown.
  • RecoveryMultiplier – RecoveryMode trading multiplier.
  • LossPausePips – time out formula after loss – loss in pips
  • LossPauseHours – the formula time out after the loss – time out in the hrs after the loss greater than LossPausePips.

It deserves keeping in mind that the programmer has actually been advertising the paid variation of the EA for a long time, so a variety of criteria have actually ended up being unattainable for adjustments, as well as the default profession is a great deal of 0.01.

Checking BF Scalper

The writer of the robotic advises screening as well as optimization on a five-minute graph at opening up costs. For that reason, following his suggestions, did screening on a set of GBP/USD with the initial setups:

  • MaxSpread – 3.
  • Slippage – 2.
  • TicksTrade – real.
  • StopLoss – 55.
  • TakeProfit – 15.
  • MarketExitProfit – 50.
  • BandPeriod – 8.
  • BandBreakEntry – 0.
  • BandBreakExit – 1.
  • UseTrendFilter – incorrect.
  • MA_Fast_Period – 15.
  • MA_Slow_Period – 30.
  • MA_Trend_TF – 15.
  • TimeRestriction – real (23:55).

Checking happened over the moment variety of 31.01.2018 – 31.01.2020. We obtained the following:

BF Scalper - GBP/USD pair test
BF Scalper – GBP/USD set examination

The outcome is not sensational, however you require to bear in mind that the functioning great deal was 0.01, as well as with it to rely upon even more do not need to count. Yet, you will certainly concur that the contour is increasing as well as rather steady.

Maximize your robotic setups

The optimization of the setups has actually caused very little adjustments in the characteristics of the EA.

It must be explained that as a result of the truth that the job is executed with a minimal quantity of 0.01, the examination was carried out with a capital of 100 bucks. The GPB/USD examination revealed the list below outcomes after optimization:

BF Scalper - optimizing settings
BF Scalper – maximizing setups

A comparable outcome was displayed in the examination on the H1 duration.

BF Scalper - тест на паре GBP/USD - H1
BF Scalper – тест на паре GBP/USD – H1

An examination was likewise carried out for the EUR/USD set on a 15-minute as well as 1-hour duration. The outcome was much more moderate as a result of the reduced volatility in the characteristics of the tool.

BF Scalper - EUR/USD test - 15M
BF Scalper – EUR/USD examination – 15M
BF Scalper - тест на паре EUR/USD - H1
BF Scalper – тест на паре EUR/USD – H1

Video Clip “Screening as well as evaluation of foreign exchange trading expert BF Scalper”


To start with, it must be kept in mind that the complimentary variation of the EA was examined, which was not feasible to evaluate the system of automated finance. It can be thought that with a modern trading monitoring system, effectiveness as well as success might be greater. The essential as well as bottom line can be called the simpleness of the system of evaluation of market signals. Yet there are likewise some inquiries on the logical component, which determines the stamina of future impulses. This subtlety the programmer did not divulge what he is qualified to. Yet the subtlety is definitely fascinating.

As a whole, the simpleness of the method as well as the security of the EA’s job suggest the high possibility for reliable operate in the problems of actual tradeInga. The outcomes of the examination did disappoint “area” numbers, however it is even more of an and also than a minus – you can leave out the following “grail”.

All success in trading!

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