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Elon Musk EA
Metatrader 4/5
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    Any ECN/DMA
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    6 Majors+ 20 Cross
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Expected DD
Prob of winning
Average Win - 12 pips
Average Loss - 7 pips

Help for traders

Exactly how to earn money on foreign exchange?
Exactly how to earn money on foreign exchange?

This message is for the greenest novices, that do not yet comprehend just how you can earn money on Foreign exchange.

You have actually possibly currently found out that Foreign exchange is a worldwide money market with a trillion turn over, checked out incomprehensible graphes with various colored contours, reviewed that there are some money sets … and also recognized that it’s all made complex).

When I initially began and also reviewed all these “clever” short articles regarding generating income on Foreign exchange with photos of males in matches, I really did not comprehend it in any way. I was also a little bit embarrassed: why can not I understand all of it?

In this write-up I will certainly attempt to share the extremely significance of generating income on money to make sure that also “me from the past” would certainly comprehend.

The significance of foreign exchange take advantage of: a description

“on the fingers”

Take advantage of is a brokerage firm solution, which is a financing in the kind of cash or safety and securities supplied to the investor for a deal. The dimension of the car loan can surpass the quantity of the investor’s down payment by 10, 20, 100 and also even more times. By example with the regulation of physics take advantage of, as a take advantage of, provides the investor a possibility to make offers that would certainly be difficult for him to make with his very own funds just.

Deals at the exchange with making use of take advantage of is called margin trading. It is the verdict of acquisition and also sale purchases making use of obtained funds promised versus a specific quantity, which is called a margin. Simply put, to make use of the solution of take advantage of, it is essential to have a minimal quantity on down payment (established by broker), which will certainly be a promise.

Take advantage of dimension is the proportion of investor’s very own funds to the car loan quantity (1:100, 1:1000). For instance, if this proportion is 1:500, it suggests that the broker is offering the amount that is 500 times greater than the financier’s down payment.

Words “take advantage of” terrifies lots of people, yet as a matter of fact there is absolutely nothing incorrect with this idea. Take advantage of is not a financing in the normal feeling of words, no rate of …

4 easy ways to increase the performance of your EA
4 easy ways to increase the performance of your EA

Hello traders, today’s post discusses how to improve an EA without adding more indicators to it. By optimizing the tests of an EA, you can improve its performance without changing the code or adding more indicators. We will also cover why a trading robot can stop working and how to fix it. 

By the way, some of the methods are applicable to manual trading as well, so, maybe, classic traders will also find some useful points.

If the trader wants to improve the trading results of the Expert Advisor, he chooses one of three options:

  • Optimization in the tester – search for new indicator settings and parameters;
  • Adding indicators to the trading system – filters of “false” signals;
  • Radical action – search for a new trading system.

Before you start changing your trading strategy, you might want to consider whether there are simpler ways to improve the results you’re getting.

In order to fully apply the following tips, a number of conditions must be met:

  • The Expert Advisor must be connected to myfxbook service statistics
  • The trading history of the robot must be at least six months.

One of our trading accounts is taken as an example to illustrate the application of the tips:


This trading account uses the standard settings that we offer to our clients by default.

The algorithm has been tested since March 2020; as you can see in the figure above, the last trading period looks like a flat, which makes you think about optimization. How to do it without changing the presets – we will learn from four simple tips that will work for any strategy, including manual trading.

1 – Remove unnecessary pairs

The scalability of the trading algorithm to other currency pairs is a definite plus that allows you to diversify your strategy and reduce losses. It is written in many theories, but statistics is a stubborn thing. To see it, let’s turn to Advanced Statistics by clicking on the tab “Summary” on the monitoring page of Myfxbook.

The Elon Musk EA trading robot worked on 14 currency pairs simultaneously.

USDCHF currency pair brought 5 trades with a total loss of $68.40 – this result, barely covers the cost of the spread and the broker’s commission, and GBPUSD currency pair brought 429 trades and $16248.95 of profit.

The main purpose of this method is to get rid of currency pairs that bring …

Easy Way To Get Your Money Back From A Fraud Broker
Easy Way To Get Your Money Back From A Fraud Broker

Hello colleagues and fellow traders!

We have been running an honest business for a long time, we have created a fairly large community of forex traders.

But sometimes an unpleasant situation happens when a broker’s client gets his account “zeroed out”. In this case the communication with the Support Service does not lead to clarity and it seems that the money’s gone and irrevocably lost.

Despite the fact companies offering financial services are under the supervision of financial regulators, guaranteeing protection of invested funds to clients, drafting a complaint is a costly and not always promising process. From legal law standpoint, a trader will have to deal with the location of the company’s registration.

How should you get your money back from a fraud broker?

In reality, scammers in the Forex and binary options market can be prepared to scam using the peculiarities of their country’s local legislation, the casuistry of their agreements and offer contracts offered to the user. They can do this in order to deprive traders of their listed deposits or profits.

Some of them are even “pure scams”—a company set up to raise a certain amount of money, after which the legal entity is closed with the subsequent disappearance of the founders.

In the 20 years of the Internet market for financial services provided by brokers, complaints about non-return of funds have affected both common brands and unknown companies, firms with “reliable” American licenses and firms with certificates of countries that are not immediately detectable on the map. The number of complaints against companies grew at a faster rate than it has for other financial services such as insurance and annuities which have a lower level of penetration compared to brokerage.

Traders try different ways to fight for the stolen funds, including hiring attorneys and going the court route. The only viable option for the return of the deposit was the chargeback procedure–the cancellation of payment provided by international payment systems.

Chargeback Process  from a broker  – Expectations vs. Reality

To protect customers and make cashless retail settlements secure, Visa and Mastercard have come up with an anti-fraud and refund protocol from dishonest merchants and service providers.

  • The good news for traders is that the burden of proof falls on the broker; 
  • The bad news – the rules of chargeback are determined by the local bank, payment is subject to statutory limitation, the money is returned
Exactly how set up and also configuration VPS server?
Exactly how set up and also configuration VPS server?

Without going into technical details and peculiarities, a VPS server is a computer with Windows Server installed on it. But this computer is without a monitor and is somewhere far away from you, often in another country.

Using your computer via the Internet you are connected to the server, install programs, Forex advisors, put indicators on the charts and disconnect from the VPS. All installed advisors and programs continue their work. Regardless of whether your home PC is on or off.

Why do I need a VPS? I have a regular PC…

In general, if you are going to work with trading experts seriously, you can’t do without VPS. There are a number of reasons for that:

  • Keeping a lot of running terminals on your home PC is just inconvenient.
  • You are insured against power outages.
  • Internet connection dropouts and interruptions won’t bother you anymore.
  • You can safely use your normal computer without fear of restarts and excessive load on the hardware.
  • If your computer is used not only by you, but also by your children / parents / aunt / uncle, etc., then the work of advisors on the VPS server, they surely will not interfere

Where is the best place to order a VPS server?

There are many providers who offer VPS for rent. I personally use a server from chocoping
(not an advertisement). The recommended location of the server is London.

There is nothing complicated about the ordering process: you just choose the configuration you need on the official website, fill in the form with your data, pay for the order and soon you get the instructions on how to connect to your server.

When choosing a virtual server, you need to consider the features of different trading advisors installed on the VPS, and how they fit into your trading strategy. However, some parameters are more important:

  • Operating system. In case you need to rent as testing or permanent work of trading advisors, it will be better to pay attention to Windows. MetaTrader 4/5 works on this system;
  • The traffic volume. It is necessary to define the server application activity in advance. The traffic volume must be sufficient for high-quality and reliable work of the trading advisor for a long time;
  • The RAM, its size. This parameter affects the efficiency of the system. Higher requirements to the RAM size are presented in case of testing or using
9 Prohibited Foreign Exchange Techniques That Brokers Do Not Want You To Know
9 Prohibited Foreign Exchange Techniques That Brokers Do Not Want You To Know

There are lots of methods and also trading systems in Foreign exchange, from going across relocating standards to trying to find patterns on the graph to complying with Trump’s tweet.
Yet there are various other methods. Not really truthful ones. Forbidden. For which a broker definitely will not pat you on the head. Their usage is most likely to obtain your account obstructed. If anything, I really did not inform you anything …

Allow’s start with a short intro

Trading on the Foreign exchange market is a job according to a trading system or method, which gives a sequence of favorable and also loss-making professions. This task is not without losses, the possibility of which raises gradually, bring about compelled optimization of specifications or a transformation in the trading formula. Specialists regard such state of events customarily functioning regimen, however newbies that have actually lately pertained to Foreign exchange or returned after a long time after failure of the down payment rely on the presence of the “Grail”. This is the name of conditionally win-win trading method on economic markets or rewarding trading methods, which considerably cover unusual losses with earnings.

He that looks for, he will certainly constantly discover – some newbies truly discover basic and also efficient methods of raising down payment rapidly and also securely, occasionally not requiring to understand understanding of technological evaluation of graphes. Much of them gain a significant revenue in a brief amount of time, however the “success tale” finishes with “account prohibiting” by the broker or with mandatory revenue withdrawal. This write-up is committed to discussing why this occurs and also what techniques are prohibited in lots of Foreign exchange firms.

1. Arbitrage

Newbies commonly shed their down payments however commonly criticize any person else for it however not themselves, particularly, they change component of losses to activities of a Foreign exchange broker. It makes the starting investor to attempt his very own pressures and also trading techniques in lots of firms. Some individuals focus on periodic distinctions in the quotes for identical tool at different dealing facilities. It can occasionally be located also within one firm if you open Metatrader 4 and also Metatrader 5 accounts. Periodically, particularly throughout press release, an investor will certainly see “slides” in the prices of money sets.

Root causes of inconsistencies in the prices of the exact same money set at various brokers

The worldwide …

Clients win and broker loses. Is it true?
Clients win and broker loses. Is it true?

Myths about the forex market

Many people potentially interested in trading and investing on Forex are trapped in the delusion that it is impossible to receive a stable income on Forex, that brokers simply do not let their traders earn and cash in on gullible clients.

Forex is, as opposed to the general opinion, not a completely random game and it is possible to receive stable income on it.

The problem here is that many people do not understand the features of the Forex market ​the majority of Forex traders who try to earn on Forex do not how to make money but are rather masters of losing their deposits instead.

One of the most common reasons beginners lose money is that they trade in real accounts without a system. They start trading blind and they blame all their failures on the broker.

Is it profitable for a broker to have his traders trade profitably?

Actually, everything depends on the broker. If you look at the market in simplified terms, all brokers can be divided into two categories: ECN (STP) brokers that take client trades to the interbank, and the “kitchen”, where trading is done within the company, and in the worst case the trader at best makes deals with other clients, and in the worst case – trades against the broker.

With ECN-brokers everything is clear – it is profitable for them if the trader concludes as many deals as possible to earn on the commission, and the trader, who has lost his deposit, will not be able to conclude deals. That is why it is profitable for them, if the client trades at least not with a loss.

It’s often easier to blame our brokers for our losses when we end up losing money in an account, than thinking of a better solution for ourselves.

As a matter of fact it is not so bad with the “kitchens”: there are many such brokers, who work at the market for 10-20 years and have not been noticed in outright cheating and losing clients. When beginners make mistakes all the time they do not need to lose money themselves, they will lose them by making loss-making deals. And in Forex most of them are usually mistaken.

The attitude of the “kitchens” to traders who trade on the plus side is somewhat more complicated. Large companies can turn a blind eye …

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