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Talk Ilan 1.6 Dynamic – suggest Martingale

May 22, 2020

Hey there to all visitors of the RoboForex blog site! Today I will certainly inform you regarding my perceptions of the Ilan 1.6 Dynamic trading consultant. I will certainly inform you regarding the concept and also concepts of its job, setups, efficiency, screening and also optimization. And also, obviously, we will certainly go over the lasting practicality of the robotic.

I can be incorrect, yet I assume that every investor that has actually attempted to patronize the assistance of consultants, a minimum of, read about a robotic called Ilan ( Ilan). Several call the family members of consultants based upon the martingale version, the Ilan family members. There are a great deal of misconceptions and also realities around consultants making use of The Martingale Funding Monitoring System, which are based upon the individual experience and also hunches of many individuals. Several of them had favorable experience, some had adverse experience. And also every person has their factors to applaud or slam the therapist.

In this blog post, we will certainly look for out the factors for the adverse evaluations regarding Ilan. I will certainly additionally discuss the subtleties connected with the concepts of its job and also alternatives for setups that were not thought about, which caused adverse outcomes.

Ilan 1.6 Dynamic and also Martingale

Ilan got appeal many thanks to the champion won in 2007 amongst consultants. Afterwards, he came to be one of the most reviewed advisor at the thematic discussion forums. Some called it the “divine grail of revenue” and also some called it a “bit”, yet the truth of appeal is indisputable.

If we count on the historic referral, it is understood that Martingale, as the system of wagering administration in gaming is understood considering that the center of the 18th century. It is thought that the system is called after an effective 19th century cardholder that was a normal at the gambling enterprise. It is additionally feasible that the name originates from the lingo of Oxytan card cards “a la martengalo” indicated “playing in an unreasonable means.”

The significance of the video game on Martingale is minimized to winning out-of-lose professions by raising the dimension of the wager or a collection of wagers.

The easiest instance of Martingale’s use gaming:

  • The video game begins with a particular minimal wager.
  • After each loss, the gamer enhances the dimension of the wager to make sure that in instance of winning to redeem all previous losses and also obtain a little revenue. As an example, the initial wager is 1 buck, the 2nd will certainly be 2 bucks, the 3rd – 4 and so forth (1-2-4-8-16-32-64). That is, the dimension of the following price is increased contrasted to the previous one. If the series and also the preferred occasion (win) are adhered to, the gamer’s internet revenue will certainly amount to the initial wager.
  • If you win, the gamer needs to go back to the key minimal wager.

In live roulette, Martingale is utilized mostly when banking on “equivalent probabilities”: red/black, even/odd.

The concern occurs – just how to win under the traditional Martingale?

In a lengthy video game, with constraints on the number and also quantity of wagers, without a winning scenario, without having an “endless budget plan” can not be won.

Making use of Martingale in market facts and also trading

In contemporary trading techniques a collection of deals is utilized, the quantity of which is enhanced not two times, yet much more efficiently – in 1.2, 1.4, 1.5 times. This permits you to hold up against a much longer collection of unlucrative professions. To leave such a collection with a revenue, rewarding professions call for much less than unlucrative. Making use of a collection of efficiently expanding quantities, the possibilities of a “rollback” and also a complete closing in earnings of the whole chain of professions boost, as “pullbacks” from the fad – the normal money market.

The only issue that can be that the activities of foreign exchange rates are disorderly, which can both boost the possibilities of success and also the dangers of loss. Unlike the Martingale wagering standards, using technological signs and also estimations, newsreading and also various other strategies boost the probability of the ideal beginning factor for the bargain.

Ilan 1.6 Dynamic EA and also Formula

Ilan has the easiest trading system based upon 2 typical technological signs, the RSI (Family Member Toughness Index) and also the CCI (Asset Network Index). The initial is utilized to choose instructions when employment opportunity, the 2nd – to restrict losses.

The scenario for the sale is based on the problem that the closing rate of the previous candle light is less than the closing rate of the candle light prior to it, and also the RSI is more than the RsiMinimum (oversold area).

The buy signal takes place if the closing rate of the previous candle light (about the present one) is more than the previous closing rate and also is levelRSI listed below RsiMaximum (overbought areas).

In instance the rate went “versus us”, the EA opens up extra orders at reduced degrees and also awaits motion towards deals: when purchasing up, when sales – down. Raising the quantity of succeeding orders permits you to bring the break-even degree better, and also later on result in the closure with revenue the whole collection of orders.

With this Martingale-averaging closing of professions (collection of professions) on the concept of programmers and also investors must take place either by passing the collection variety of indicate Thek Earnings, or prior to getting to the complete revenue on a collection of professions, which the investor embeds in the EA himself. There is additionally the opportunity of “reducing” unlucrative collection in a recoilless motion to stop the “drainpipe” of the down payment.

Such a version can be called figuratively optimal. The only essential problem is the visibility of an unrestricted down payment quantity. A lot of beginner investors pertain to this formula in some way. Considering that this is a sort of “win-win” approach, with the ideal specifications, we can obtain a near-perfect price of success and also “remarkable” success on examinations. However in technique, every little thing ends up not such as in screening.

Ilan 1.6 Dynamic Setups and also Setups

  • System: MetaTrader 4, there are additionally variations of the robotic and also under MT5.
  • Money sets: just about concern for GBP/USD.
  • Duration: any type of, yet the programmer supplies to provide choice to the M5. Returns can differ relying on the duration selected.
  • Opening up hrs: 1 day a day.

The attribute of Ilan 1.6 Dynamic is the visibility of a dynamically variable series of the fad duration under research study relying on market volatility.

LotExponent – the reproduction price of whole lot in a collection of professions (the collection finishes when the usual setting encloses revenue, after which a brand-new one starts). The whole lot is computed based upon the dimension of the preliminary quantity of the bargain – the Great deal choice. Each succeeding order in the collection is computed based upon the dimension of the purchase increased by the LotExponent proportion.

When making modifications to the setups of this specification, you require to be really cautious due to the fact that, if the proportion is expensive, the setting will promptly acquire an essential quantity, which can deny you of utilize over the scenario. A tiny rate motion versus your setting will certainly be adequate and also the costs will certainly be shed.

DynamicPips The setup consists of a vibrant modification distant in between the “knees” of professions. That is, with real EA Ilan determines when to establish the following order (based upon the DEL choice). When the worth is incorrect, the dimension of the knee will certainly constantly amount to DefaultPips. This feature includes the adaptability and also adjustment of the EA to market scenarios.

DefaultPips Range in factors in between professions. The reduced the worth of the specification, the more frequently professions will certainly open up. The greater worth of the specification permits you to experience lengthy fads. A tiny worth, subsequently, permits you to obtain even more revenue in the level.

Glubina The variety of candle lights to examine volatility. The EA determines the amount of factors the rate has actually masqueraded a defined variety of candle lights (the distinction in between the optimum and also the minimal rate for the picked duration), and also separates the resulting worth by the worth of the DEL specification. The minimal range is restricted to the DefaultPips choice separated by DEL. Optimum – DefaultPips increased by DEL.

DEL Functions just when DynamicPips is switched on. In charge of altering the preliminary action to DefaultPips.

Slip Optimum slippage when orders are opened up (in factors).

Whole Lots The dimension of the great deal of the initial handle the collection. This is the major trading whole lot, to which the EA returns each time the rewarding collection shuts.

When establishing the dimension of the preliminary whole lot, you require to determine the possible complete quantity of succeeding professions. It is not suggested to utilize way too much worth in addition to a high LotExponent and also a little array dimension. In this instance, the setting will certainly acquire crucial quantity as well promptly.

Lotdecimal The variety of decimal factors in the worth of the whole lot. As an example, if you establish Whole lots to 0.01, Lotdecimal ought to be 2. At a great deal of 0.5, Lotdecimal ought to amount to 1.

TakeProfit The variety of indicate shut a collection of orders. This suggests that the collection shuts when earnings get to TakeProfit things. Do not make way too much worth, as the function of the EA, to begin with, asap to take out the sulfurand begin a brand-new one.

Decline – automated closing of placements on sharp enter quotes. The evaluation makes use of the CCI indication on a 15 min graph, with a duration of 55 bars. To disable this attribute, it suffices to establish a worth expensive, such as 10,000.

RsiMinimum The worth of the reduced restriction of the RSI (Family Member Toughness Index) indication is oversold when a placement is opened up available for sale.

RsiMaximum The worth of the ceiling of the RSI indication is overbought and also is utilized when opening up a buy setting.

MagicNumber is a distinct profession specialist’s number. It is required to differentiate orders opened up by one consultant from an additional.

MaxTrades The optimal variety of orders opened up at the very same time. Below you must define the optimum dimension of the collection of orders according to the dimension of the preliminary funding.

UseEquityStop Including Loss’s Equity Quit.

TotalEquityRisk – When a collection equity percent is gotten to, all placements will certainly be immediately shut.

UseTrailingStop – The incorporation of Routing Quit for all orders. By default, the worth is 10 factors and also is strictly defined in the code.

UseTimeOut consists of shutting the setting on schedule. Despite the monetary outcome, all placements are shut if they remain in the marketplace for a greater than defined duration.

MaxTradeOpenHours – the moment in the clock, after which all placements are shut.

Examining an EA

For the initial Ilan 1.6 Dynamic EA examination, we utilize EUR/USD and also GBP/USD money sets and also M5 duration with programmer setups.

Ilan 1.6 Dynamic Settings
Ilan 1.6 Dynamic Setups

Throughout the screening duration from 01.01.2019 to 31.01.2020, the EA did disappoint any type of successes or remarkable signs of success. Based upon this, it is required to perform not just screening, yet additionally optimization. Additionally crucial will certainly be the modification of duration.

After choosing a variety of specifications for the EA, the EUR/USD examination revealed the list below outcomes for the very same research study duration.

Ilan 1.6 Dynamic EA Testing Report
Ilan 1.6 Dynamic EA Screening Record

The outcome was fairly good, yet the loved one drawdown was additionally outstanding, which is generally regular of systems with the Martingale version. When I attempted to press the optimum out of the EA after extra optimization, I obtained the adhering to metrics.

Ilan 1.6 Dynamic EA Testing Report
Ilan 1.6 Dynamic EA Screening Record


At the very start of the examinations, there was a perception that the reasoning was not functioning as planned. However the technique of experimentation placed every little thing in its area. To obtain such smooth higher graphes, it was required to disable all loss restricting devices. When they were consisted of, no such charts were observed.

What can be kept in mind pertaining to the dreams or cases to the EA formula? I want to have a device to control RSI setups for entrance, this can enable you to locate much better indicate get in. On top of that, it would certainly be feasible to get in a setup for shutting the previous knees prior to opening up a brand-new one.

If one inquires about the long life of the EA, the response to it will certainly be concealed just in the straight rate characteristics. Simply put, if the rate frequently increases or drops, and also you have the contrary setting, the possibilities of lasting success of the job are little. However this dependancy can put on any type of various other trading system.

So prior to you begin making use of the Ilan 1.6 Dynamic robotic, examination it over an extended period of time on the devices you intend to trade. Do not attempt to beat the marketplace, do not be money grubbing and also sell cool blood!

All the best to all and also earnings!

Download And Install Ilan 1.6 Dynamic for MT4

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